Data migration

Data migration can be a complex business, and at Zeutra we utilise a robust methodology complemented by an integrated toolset to ensure we reduce complexity and provide tangible benefits to any company undergoing a data migration.
data discovery

We understand that any migration begins with discovery of business legacy systems and data and utilise toolsets to provide data profiling and data quality analysis at an early stage. We believe that you know your data better than anyone else, and thus our toolsets also facilitate the creation of legacy knowledge-bases by your own data stewards. These resources can then be utilised to provide cleansing, harmonisation and quality checks real-time against your legacy data, without the need to ever cleanse your legacy systems directly. This data can then be fed directly into our migration repository as a source of cleansed business data.

Our migration toolsets integrate seamlessly with most legacy and target systems (inc. SAP) and provide mapping functionality to ensure the process of mapping data between systems is far less repetitive and error prone.

iterative non-evasive approach

Our proprietary migration tools facilitate an iterative approach, whereby we can transform data regularly (as it is being cleansed) and report on the quality of this data and its suitability for migration, without ever having to load to the target system.

This enables a quick turnaround on potential blocks to successful loads, and also enables legacy data stewards to leverage the information provided to improve data quality.

This iterative approach ensures that you go live with the best quality of data available and that your go live will hold no surprises!