data governance & mdm

We use the latest leading edge Microsoft products (SQL Server Master Data Services) to facilitate the provision of centralised data that can result in better business processes and decision making.

Master Data Services provides a central data hub that ensures the integrity of information and consistency of data is constant across different applications and that end users can manage their own data with IT oversight

key capabilities

Create Master Data By Standardising Data Definitions For Key Business Entities

Collect and maintain accurate and complete master data to ensure standardised data definitions of key business entities across all of your IT assets.

  • Manage data consistency across different environments including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Azure, HP and IBM.
  • Manage the superset of all data attributes across all systems.
  • Create explicit hierarchies based on traditional parent-child relationships.
  • Produce derived hierarchies from pre-existing data relationships found within master data models.

Create a Master Data Hub for Your Enterprise

Implement a master data management hub to manage the master data that is stored in the database and keep it synchronised with the transactional systems that use the master data.

  • Effectively track all known attributes across the enterprise.
  • Create versions for each model at different time intervals.
  • Commit versions of master data only after business rules have been met.

Empower Business Users to Manage Data Governance

Trust the experience of business-knowledgeable users, so organisations can improve master data maintenance and avoid the delays and mistakes that occur when non-business specialists manage and maintain data.

  • End users can directly manage the underlying database and data warehouse dimensions and hierarchies using Excel.
  • Free IT responsibilities so they can focus on the oversight of the overall data warehouse.