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Data migration

Data Migration can be a complex business. At Zeutra we have direct experience of a large number of global migration projects and our approach and toolset has been forged from this repeated real-world exposure over numerous iterations..

data governance & mdm

Reliable business data is the driving force behind any MDM project. We use the latest leading edge Microsoft products (SQL Server Master Data Services) to facilitate the provision of centralised data that can result in better business processes and decision making.

Data analysis

Understanding data is at the core of what we do. All of our consultants have had many years of data analysis exposure while solving business problems across a variety of industries and using a mix of industry-standard technologies.

data integration

At Zeutra we are experts at delivering consolidated data from a variety of disparate data sources via the latest Microsoft toolsets. We then have the expertise to assist organisations in making full use of this data via reporting or software developments.

Data quality & profiling

High-quality data is critical to the efficiency of businesses and institutions. At Zeutra we use the latest set of leading edge Microsoft products (SQL Server Data Quality Services) to facilitate knowledge-driven data cleansing and harmonisation.

Creative problem solving

Each of our consultants has extensive experience in the areas of data migration, data analysis, data integration, database design, data quality and governance, gained over many years in industry.

With Zeutra, you get a client-focussed approach from individuals who know data and understand the real-life problems that managing data within an organisation can bring.

We offer a range of solutions from full data migration, through to data analysis, data quality measurement and data governance to enable you to get the most from your business data and utilise the latest industry proven toolsets and a robust methodology to deliver you tangible results.

more about us

Zeutra Consulting is a specialised data consultancy, focusing on large ERP deployment, data migration, data integration, data quality & profiling and data governance projects.

Our consulting team has a vast range of proven data migration and data analysis expertise, covering a myriad of source systems and technologies, gained through numerous full lifecycle migration and data quality projects.

A robust migration methodology is key

Data migration can be a complex business, and at Zeutra we utilise a robust methodology complemented by an integrated toolset to ensure we reduce complexity.

We believe in technology

We utilise a robust set of the latest industry proven technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, the .Net Framework, Microsoft Data Quality Services and Master Data Services.

Our expertise is what sets us apart

Zeutra's consultants all have extensive experience gained over many years working for clients in a range of industries, including Formula 1, manufacturing, distribution, retail and a variety of service-based industries.

what our clients are saying...

"I had the pleasure of working with the guys behind Zeutra. They are experienced and engaged professionals who will go the extra mile to deliver, not only on time and within budget, but also with quality. They worked hard and kept the stakeholders informed and were not afraid to ask for clarification or help to drive the right results. If an opportunity arises to work with them again, I’ll certainly contact them."
Dennis van Bregt
Director MDM EMEA at Univar, 2010 – 2013
"Working closely with the team from Zeutra over the last couple of years has been great.  They understand data quickly and using their toolset, are able to deliver a robust staged approach to data migration. The team have gone the extra mile throughout the project, working weekends, evenings and even through the night to ensure we held to our deadlines.  Definitely want to work with these guys again."
Gary Eaves
ERP Program Director, Dentsu-Aegis Network 2013-2015